Long lasting intergenerational relationships

For nearly 25 years, Oaks & Acorns has been creating safe, healthy and fun learning environments where young and old alike give and receive life lessons in understanding, respect, and compassion. In addition, we have events and programming to help bring our mission & vision to life by facilitating community involvement.

Here at Oaks & Acorns, we are motivated by a single goal; to build strong relationships between the generations. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our interactions on the greater world. As a result, we developed activities to engage different generations and demographics. We foster intergenerational exchanges.  And, have lots of fun together doing that! Oaks & Acorn events encourage and build new bonds.

Because we understand the potential of these relationships, we provide safe spaces for them to happen. Consequently, nurturing them and expanding our shared community to grow a forest. Whether planting gardens, cleaning up beaches & canyons, sharing meals & learning table manners, or engaging in meaningful conversation and shared experiences, Oaks & Acorns strives to be a safe (both emotionally & physically) intergenerational community for all participants.

Current Planting:

We are developing our Growing a Mindful Grove program with the San Diego Unified School District. For more information, check out the GMG page!

While working on the Mindful Grove, we are curating Lively Oaks for the Living Legacy Library project with Encinitas Union School District. For more information & to apply to be part of the Living Legacy Library, visit our 3L page and application form.

Upcoming Events:

Spring is here!  Join in the conversation. Create connections and community. Let us help you find ways for you and your family to get involved with Oaks & Acorns. Since we are always on the lookout for Big Thinkers, Go-Getters, and new members of our Grove, we might see the sapling in you just waiting for the right environment in which to thrive.  All are welcome. RSVP directly on our Facebook page.

Finally, let us know how you think Oaks & Acorns can best build and serve an intergenerational community. Most of all, we want to get to know you.

Past Community Events:

Saturday, March 3rd, 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the

Mission Valley Library, 2123 Fenton Parkway, Mission Valley, 92108. 

Oaks & Acorns March Community Cafe

Oaks & Acorns March Community Cafe

Memories & Muffins – Sunday, February 11th

 Stone Soup

On November 12th, 2017, Oaks & Acorns hosted Stone Soup, a fundraising event held at the First Unitarian Church of San Diego in Hillcrest. As a result, of this wonderful community event, we were chosen as the recipient of the church’s December 2017 generosity offering. Many folks, of various ages,  shared a lovely afternoon with poetry, storytelling, and songs. Two local Souplantation restaurants provided a delicious meal for all to enjoy. Furthermore, we would like to extend a warm thank you to all who joined us in this celebration of community engagement and growth.

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