Our Administrative Team

Oaks & Acorns would like to introduce our administrative team —

our Founder and Intergenerational pioneer, Alannah Sinclaire

Thanks for getting to know who we are.

Who we are

Our Founder

Who we are -- Founder, Alannah Sinclaire

Alannah Sinclaire, our founder & intergenerational pioneer, completed her Master’s Degree in Child/Family Development with a minor in Gerontology at Colorado State University in 1975.  Because of her education, she realized the importance of bringing the oldest and youngest generations together. While there, she began her first intergenerational community education program “From Cradle to Cane.”

In addition, for over 32 years, Alannah created preschool, elementary literacy, and special education curriculum. As a result, her dream was to connect the wisdom and experience of the elder “Oaks” with the unbridled enthusiasm and youthful energy of  the “Acorns.” Alannah founded Oaks & Acorns to facilitate meaningful, structured, and supportive experiences to bridge the generations.